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English and American Studies in German is a yearbook that documents book-length publications in English and American Studies from the German-speaking world spanning the areas of linguistics, literature and culture, and teaching.

The EASG comprises 1–2 page summaries from the authors / editors of theses, monographs, textbooks, conference proceedings, readers, Festschriften and all other book-sized publications from the previous year, provided they were produced at a university in a German-speaking country.

Despite the title of the yearbook, the publications summarized need not be written in German. Increasingly we are also trying to include publications within the scope of the yearbook that were produced outside English or American Studies departments proper.


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By sending in a manuscript you give your consent to its being published in English and American Studies in German. The editors will acknowledge receipt of the manuscript. In editing the texts it may become necessary to occasionally adjust the formatting, correct obvious errors and infelicities of style, and shorten the texts where necessary. In exceptional cases we may also contact you and ask for alterations to be made at short notice.